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29th May 2024 
About Counselling. finalwebphoto

What is Counselling?

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change".
Wayne Dyer

Counselling offers a quiet, non-judgemental space for you to talk about any issues, past or present, that you feel are causing you distress or that for some reason, possibly unknown to you, are holding you back from leading a healthy, fulfilling life.

Why should I go to a counsellor?

Many people question why they should see a counsellor, particularly when they may have a strong support system around them. In the past there has been a stigma attached to seeking help in this way and even around speaking openly about emotions. However, during a recent survey carried out by BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) 91% of respondents agreed that "it is more acceptable to talk about emotional problems than it was in the past".

Talking with a therapist is not like talking to family and friends. Being with family and friends can offer a huge amount of support for some people and can be immensely important for a person when they are feeling anxious, depressed or experiencing a crisis in their life, however, it represents a two-way relationship whereas being with a therapist is a one-way relationship. I am trained to listen attentively to what you are saying and I will not talk about myself but will remain focussed on you throughout the whole session.

Sometimes people go to therapy because they do not feel they have a support system around them; or they feel, for whatever reason, that they would rather talk to someone who does not know them; or they may feel they do not want to burden their loved ones.

What to expect from a counselling session.

Sessions are held once a week and each session lasts fifty minutes. During the session you can expect to talk about any issues or problems that you are currently experiencing.

You will not be forced to speak about anything that you feel uncomfortable about, however therapy can bring up painful memories from the past and the best place to explore these is with a trained therapist.

The fifty minutes are your time and you choose to speak about whatever you want.